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Marketing Video Production in Devon and Cornwall

Lee Curran is a freelance cameraman in media production for the broadcast and corporate sectors. With over 20 years of experience including in filming, editing, producing and directing he is well qualified at producing photographic results that are visually stunning. His work is recognised for it's ability at enabling businesses to grow.

A few of Lee's clients are M&S, Clarks Shoes, Cadburys and Rolls Royce.

The majority of his clients are from large online retail sites and corporations who are looking for high quality video and photography production. They know that using vibrant and powerful images is highly effective for communication and making sales. Website videos and product photography are Lee’s main focus.

Lee produces the highest quality of work and has deep knowledge of technologies such as FCP7, FCPx and Avid. He will most often use medium format cameras and works in Devon, Bristol and in the South West region on a daily basis.

"Having been in the media production business for years, I know which equipment works well for me. I use a P2 Panasonic full res HD and Apple Mac. I will then retreat to my home based edit suite to piece the shots together. My clients find that my service is affordable but delivers results that they can't easily find elsewhere.

I also have a large selection of light equipment including:

  • 4 x Kino flo 4x4 Diva lights 200/400
  • 8 x Dedo 150-(x8)
  • 8 x Dedo 400w HMI"

Lee's background is predominantly in Observational Documentary and Drama Documentary and working in hostile environments has enabled him to be highly adaptable to any situation. He also holds a Pilgrims Specialist Certificate in security risk management. Happy to work as either single crew producer/director or as part of a team, you'll be surprised at how easy video production can be.

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If you sell a service or if you sell online, this maybe for you!

Using a totally different approach to film making, we can now click on items within a video to make a sale. We are used to watching a video online and thinking it would be nice to know where they bought that jacket, shoes, jeans, but there is no way of knowing unless there are links somewhere. Well now you can just click on the items you view and it will take you directly to the website, the actual item, and directly to the checkout.

We can also use this facility to make bookings or appointments. If there is a graphic that says ‘’book now’’, you can click on that and it will take you directly to the booking page. The possibilities are endless, making video, the must have engagement tool of choice.

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Lee's skill set includes corporate photography, commercial photography and advertising photography. His images make appearances in printed material and online. In recent years, clients have become far more reliant on images of high quality that show detail, tonal range and compliment video material.

With most shoots being taken on location, Lee prefers to travel with a triple back up system. This ensures that nothing can be lost. Using 4G and WiFi, images can be instantly shared with your agency or marketing peers via Dropbox. Alternatively it's possible to add images to client's sites within minutes.


The effectiveness of audio and visual communication has made it very popular. Lee feels passionate about creating high quality film that gets results for his clients. Businesses can enjoy a variety of advantages from using video. Whether you're looking for broader brand exposure or you want to transform viewers into loyal clients, I can help.

In recent months social media, and in particular Facebook, has become an effective promotional channel for video. Used in conjunction with search engine optimisation (SEO) it's possible to reach thousands, if not millions of views.

Isn't it time you invested in your business through video and photography?


BBC a client for Lee Cullen's video productions
Cadbury a client for Lee Cullen's video productions
Clarks a client for Lee Cullen's video productions
Karen Millen a client for Lee Cullen's video productions
Marks and Spencers a client for Lee Cullen's video productions
Pizza hut a client for Lee Cullen's video productions
Red or Dead a client for Lee Cullen's video productions
Rolls Royce a client for Lee Cullen's video productions
Vision Express a client for Lee Cullen's video productions